coyote's in his 4-by
roaring dust clouds down
fishtail the corners
shake the roadside sagebrush add
another coat of earth see the sights
in the gravel up ahead: sun glare on
        snake skin
              shed       tread

                                         just dead.

Last night star worship
        Jack got holy vision:
fast-approaching all-consuming beam
        of pure howling light.
Rabbit Man into a whole new

Now his body's there,
side splitting funny little wide-eyed grin

                        buzzard food

and Jack somewhere looking down at himself
           like a lizard with no tail
           or a snake with new skin
           or a crow
           who just found fresh rabbit
                        in the road.

                        Now the question
for coyote: swerve to hit
           or miss?

h o m e
c o y o t e

n e x t