Sample Course Assignments

Final Group Project: Human Body & Identity

Throughout the course, we will be considering various forms of identity - human, racial, gendered and individualized - from within at least two disciplines - Biology and English. As we do, you will be meeting with a small group to investigate how you see identity playing out in the course and through these disciplines. At the end of the course, your group will present your findings to the class ... .

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Original Origin Story: Human Body & Identity

In the first unit of our course, Identity as Human, we will be reading and discussing multiple origin stories from various cultures and disciplines. One culmination of our thinking about origin stories will be to write the story of our own origins. Here are a few things to consider ... .

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Final Project: British Modernism

For your final project, worth 100 points, you have several options. Each requires the inclusion of four texts you have read throughout the course equally throughout the project. You may choose to write a formal, analytical paper, approximately 8 - 10 pages in length ... . You may choose a creative project (screen/stage play, poem or poem cycle, fiction, film, fine art, etc.). It must be original work and include a 3 page analysis of the project, its vision, and the purpose and process of the method used to create it. ... 3. I also encourage projects which incorporate the ideas and issues of these texts into the ideas and issues of your future profession. Specific discussions of each of the four texts and their links to your vocational area are required.

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Response Papers: Masterpieces of British Literature

For four of the pairs of texts that we read, you will write a response paper in which you analyze these texts informally. The response papers are just that, a response. This is more than a reaction to the text by the inclusion of your thoughtful analysis. This requires the use and accurate citation of the text (see further information in the Writing Packet or in the MLA Handbook) ... .

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Dialectical Journal, Heart of Darkness: Modern & Contemporary Literature

  1. Talk about your experience of reading HOD. What effect does the narrative structure have on your reading? What passages caught you?
  2. What do you make of Conrad's language? How would you describe it? What passages are indicative of it?
  3. What is Conrad's take on civilization/empire? How and where do you see them represented and developing?

Mid-Term Paper: Masterpieces of British Literature

For your mid-term paper, you will analyze two or more of the texts we have read so far this term. In a sense, it will be an extended response paper as you are expected to have read the texts thoroughly and analyze them based on a specific question, query or position. In fact, you may want to use your response papers as fodder for your mid-term.

Unlike your response papers, though, your final paper should begin where your response papers end: your conclusion becomes your thesis ... .

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Final Project: Women Writers

For your final project, worth 100 points, you have several options: a formal analytical paper, a creative project, or a project which incorporates the ideas and issues addressed in these texts into the ideas and issues of your major subject area. Each option requires the inclusion of five texts you have read throughout the course equally throughout the project ... .

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